Make Your Own TV Show!

Make Your Own TV Show!


Going Pro with the Canon GL2

The GL2 features optical image stabilization for smooth shooting.


Once you move into the multiple thousands of dollars, you’ll find cameras jump to 3CCD offerings (one sensor each for red, green, and blue, resulting in superior clarity and color detail). Perhaps the most popular lower-end professional camcorder is the Canon GL2, which combines a handheld form factor with a potent 3CCD system designed to meet broadcast standards. Street price for this baby is around $1,800. If you’re looking for a serious camera at a relatively reasonable price, this is the one.


Our Favorite Web Shows

Looking for inspiration? Check out these independently produced, Web-based series.


Chad Vader


What if Darth Vader worked the day shift at a supermarket? And his first name was Chad? Watch his adventures here.


Ask a Ninja


One of the most successful Web shows ever, this maniacally edited indie Q&A show now earns its black-clad creators over $1 million a year.




Comedians love Web video. One of the best is Lisa Donovan, who offers up deadpan humor and hysterical celebrity impersonations in this free-form series.




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"You can also switch down to 1280x720, if you want to work in standard definition."

WOW, that's some pretty high resolution standard def.


1280x720 is high definition video...


David Biedny

Indeed, that should read 720p Hi-Def, thanks for pointing out the error.

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