Making Your Mac Read Your Documents

Making Your Mac Read Your Documents

I’m a recent convert from PCs, and I’m enjoying my MacBook Pro very much. However, I cannot find a Mac app that’s equivalent to Microsoft Office Document Imaging. I depend on it daily, so I can’t fully leave the Windows world behind until I find a substitute for this app. Any ideas?


Microsoft Office Document Imaging performs optical character recognition (OCR) on scanned documents, saves those documents to your hard drive, and gives you the ability to search the contents of those documents. For the Mac, try DEVONthink Pro Office ($149.95). The app can scan documents directly from a flatbed or document scanner (such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap), perform OCR on those documents, and turn them into completely searchable PDF files. Better yet, DEVONthink acts as an information management program as well, keeping all of your important files in one central database that you can quickly search and organize any way you like. You can also create and edit documents within DEVONthink, integrate live webpages into your documents using its built-in Web browser, and much more.


DEVONthink Pro Office lets you go paperless by letting you scan, save, organize, and search all of your documents.




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If you are using MS Document Imaging, and if you don't need the bells and whistles of DEVONthink, you might want to try VueScan ( It does a good job with OCR; it does do PDF now, and it is compatible with scads of scanners. I have had really good luck with it for all types of scanning, including OCR. It is inexpensive, and it has a good trial period.

Good luck.


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