Martha Enjoys the Air, iPhones are Enterprise Worthy Now and iPhones in the Classroom

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Martha Enjoys the Air, iPhones are Enterprise Worthy Now and iPhones in the Classroom


Martha loves her MacBook Air: Martha Stewart took delivery of her new MacBook Air yesterday. The domestic diva proceeded to gush about how razor thin and light it was. She then surrounded it with multicolored gourds and used it as a festive centerpiece.


iPhones in class: Colleges and universities are embracing the iPhone and iPod touch by creating iPhone optimized web sites and giving free iPhones to incoming freshmen. All we got from college were financially crippling student loans.


Can you hear me now? Then Bid!: Verizon is the big winner of the 700Mhz wireless auction. The 700Mhz frequency could usher in faster and longer-range mobile connections. Expect 4G services in 2009 after broadcast television switches from analog to digital transmission.


No music for you: iPhone developers are hitting another roadblock. The current SDK doesn't allow access to iTunes or music stored on the device. This means no third-party music download services, iTunes plug-ins, or rhythm games like Phase for the iPod.


iPhone Change of Heart: Market research firm Gartner, has changed its mind concerning the iPhone and enterprise use. It now recommends the device. It's amazing what little ActiveSync can do for a device.


iPhones invading business: According to a non-scientific poll conducted by TechRepublic. Only 27% of business IT departments support the iPhone. That hasn't stopped employees from 50% of the those companies using the device as their business phone. Are you a using an iPhone as your business phone against the wishes of your IT department? Share your story in the comments below.


Apple, home to the busiest lawyers ever: Apple is being sued by Texan company, Mirror Worlds, for infringing on four patents. Three of the patents resemble the chronological arrangement of Time Machine. The executors of the H. G. Wells estate are also said to be contemplating legal action and have contacted the law firm of Morlock, Morlock and Morlock.


American Idol songwriting workshops: Write, write a song. Write it loud, write it strong. Don't worry that it's not good enough, the Apple Songwriting Workshop will help. Write, write a song.


eMusic not keen on iTunes rumor: Apple never comments on rumors, speculation or upcoming services. Still, that didn't stop eMusic CEO David Pakman, from calling the rumored iTunes unlimited plan a monopolistic move by the company. The CEO told Wired, "They're basically saying, 'Let's give a piece of every iPod sale to the record labels in exchange for bundling in all the music you can eat with every iPod.' That's classic Sherman Antitrust Act behavior. It's called tying, and it's where a company with a monopoly position in one market uses that monopoly position unfairly to compete in another."


And finally: There Will Be Vader.



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David Pakman is a idiot. Apples never going to have a one pay program. He's just trying to get some plubisity.

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