Marware Project X 1.1.1

Marware Project X 1.1.1

The Network view is the heart of Project X. Task Tiles are yellow, Subproject Tiles are blue, and Milestone Tiles are red. The bottom Inspector pane provides info about each tile.


Marware’s Project X is a new project management app that elegantly integrates Address Book and iCal, and it provides robust network-collaboration tools based on Mac OS X’s Personal Web Sharing.


Project X is easy to use. Templates for common tasks in Home, Education, Government, and other categories help you get to a fast start. Even without using a template, we entered the major tasks and resources for a project in less than an hour.


Project X offers a flowchart-like Network view (known as a PERT diagram), an Outline view, and a calendar-based Timeline view (also known as a Gantt chart). In a new project, Project X opens up a screen where you enter basic project information. You are then placed into the Network view, where you click to create one of three types of boxes (known as Tiles): Tasks, Subprojects, or Milestones. Each Tile contains fields for start and end dates and durations. Clicking the Inspector button in each Tile opens a Task Inspector panel where you can assign people to tasks, schedule meetings, enter costs or income, and add a wealth of other data, as well as attach documents. The Timeline view includes an outline structure on the left and a Gantt chart structure on the right, where small rectangles representing the tasks are spread along a timeline. You can update project information in any of the three views using the Project Inspector panel. Project X includes other helpful views too, including views that let you track progress, expenses, and hours.


You can also give other members of your project the ability to update their portions of the project. With Personal Web Sharing active, publish your project as a webpage and have Project X automatically send team members an email containing the page’s URL. Team members can make updates there.


Project X offers four different reports, all with a clean interface: Summary, Costs, Document, and Activity.


Our one major beef with Project X is that the only way to add resources (team members) is to drag them from the Address Book. There’s simply no way to directly add a new team member. Also, while version 1.1.1 is much more stable than the previous version, the app still has the occasional glitch. Fortunately, Marware has a monitored online forum where you can go to get help or register bugs.


The bottom line. Project X is a welcome addition to the world of Mac productivity software. It’s easy to use, flexible, and friendly, and it deftly fills the void left by Microsoft’s puzzling refusal to develop a version of Project for the Mac.


COMPANY: Marware


PRICE: $199.95

REQUIREMENTS: G3 or faster or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.4.8 or later, 512MB RAM

Fast, flexible, and easy to use. Offers several views of your projects and at-a-glance reports. Universal binary.

Can’t enter resources directly into Project X. Still has minor bugs.





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