Marware QuickVue

Marware QuickVue

While clipped to your belt, you can open the QuickVue to see your iPhone.


COMPANY: Marware
PRICE: $24.99
Sleek design. Good case when protection is top priority. Comes with a clear screen overlay protector and a cleaning cloth.
No dock access. Must remove iPhone to access volume switches. If you wear the QuickVue on your left side, the iPhone is upside down.





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Jay Kluckhohn

Is the Quickvue water proof. When closed will it protect the Iphone from weather and how sturdy is the lock. I work in aviation and I need complete protection for the phone, while still being able to hear it while working OUTSIDE in the weather. I know Pelican is working on a box for I wait with baited breath for someone to get it done.

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