Master Your Mac with Your Cell Phone

Master Your Mac with Your Cell Phone

You're in control with Salling Clicker.


> Salling Clicker ($23.95,
> A supported Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device (see
> A Mac with Bluetooth support


Ever since the first wireless television remote control appeared in 1956, people who were so inclined have been able to recline and enjoy their media from the comfort of any seat in the room. Today, with Apple's Front Row, Mac users are able to apply this technology to their computers, although they're limited to controlling their music, videos, and photos. But now, with the quick download of a powerful application, a capable smartphone, and your Mac, you can go beyond the control capabilities of Apple's little white remote.


Step 1. Destination: Laziness


You're going to need a few things before you turn into the ultimate couch apple. First, download Salling Clicker (, the core of this project. This app lets you control a Bluetooth-enabled Mac using the second thing you need: a Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or PDA. Not all phones are supported, so take a look at the supported device list on Salling's website before you dive in. We tested a Symbian phone (Sony Ericsson T616), a Windows Mobile phone (Cingular 2125), and a Palm Treo 650, all of which are supported. If your mobile device supports it, you can also use Wi-Fi to communicate with Salling Clicker and take advantage of the extra range.


After installing Salling Clicker, you'll pick your device from a list to set it up. The application walks you through the process, and within minutes you'll be ready to sit back, relax, and take it easy.


Setting your phone up with Salling Clicker is as simple as finding your device in a list.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Step 2. Click It, Click It Good


Now that you've got Salling Clicker up and running, it's time to start controlling things. The software comes preloaded with a wide assortment of scripts that let you control many of your apps. By clicking and dragging program controls from the database to your phone, all you have to do is browse to the specified menu item and click. The iTunes script is the most detailed, allowing you to browse your music library, search by artist, album, or song name, and even view album art with just a couple clicks on your mobile device. Playing videos is also a snap - Salling Clicker comes with scripts to cover most popular video players including a DVD player, QuickTime, and VideoLAN's VLC media player.


Stuck in bed with the flu and going through email withdrawal? Although it's sometimes hard to read on small screens, Salling Clicker gives you the ability to read your e-mail and check your RSS feeds on your phone. However, one of the coolest features of Salling Clicker is the Phone Events. These proximity scripts are triggered depending on the situation, such as when you walk far enough away from your Mac that you lose signal, or when you're talking on the phone. Say you're dancing in the kitchen with iTunes blasting and someone calls you on your cell. As the phone rings, the music fades out and then pauses, only to start back up again once you've finished your conversation. Awesome!


Salling Clicker comes with a handful of helpful control scripts for different apps.






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