Master Your Mac with Your Cell Phone

Master Your Mac with Your Cell Phone

Step 3. Get in the Groove


The first thing to note is that since your device is controlling your Mac over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, no line of sight is required, as it is with a regular remote. Forget about having to go into the room where your Mac is to skip a song with Apple's remote - you can transition from the Beatles to Of Montreal from the other room to keep your party's mood alive. Throw an AirPort Express with AirTunes into the mix and you've got yourself an unbeatable portable DJ solution. And since Salling Clicker supports Keynote and PowerPoint, there's no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive Bluetooth remote for your presentations. Instead of reaching over to your laptop to advance your slides, keep the attention on yourself and your presentation by controlling it remotely.


Depending on the device you use, your menus will either be elaborate or pretty simple.


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Step 4. Spice Things Up


While Salling Clicker has loads of features, its most recent update was released over a year ago, meaning some things - its supported devices and the list of controllable software - are a little out of date. Salling Software's developer insists that a new version will be coming soon, but until then, don't let it stop you from jumping into the ease and comfort of central mobile control. Salling Clicker's forum community ( is thriving with plug-ins and scripts. Some of our favorites include Front Row Controller (, which lets you replace Apple's Remote with your cell phone, and Airfoil Remote (available on the message board), which lets you interface with Rogue Ameoba's Airfoil to pipe in audio from different apps through your AirPort Express with AirTunes. If you have a specific idea in mind but can't find a script, you can even create your own using AppleScript.


If you feel adventurous, write your own control scripts. The message board on Salling Clicker's website features an entire section devoted to DIY scripters.




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