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Matias iRizer

The iRizer adjusts to four different angles. The MiniRizer has two angle options.


Laptops make it possible to work almost anywhere, but if you do too much work in a space that isn’t ergonomic, you could wind up in pain from hunching your back or keeping your wrists bent at a bad angle. The iRizer from Matias is a light, sturdy, adjustable laptop stand that’s as portable as your notebook itself.


The iRizer comes in two pieces. The base piece has a strip of rubber to grip the bottom edge of your notebook, and is set up with the Matias logo on the top and the iRizer name facing you. The upright piece has four angled slots labeled 20, 30, 40, and 50 degrees. With the numbers facing you, you feed the base piece through the upright piece, and the way the slots are cut creates the desired angle between the two pieces. You rest the bottom of your laptop on the upright piece, and the rubber strip on the base keeps it in place. The upright piece also has an oval cutout to vent the bottom of your laptop.


The two pieces together weigh 1.5 pounds, and when disassembled they’re 11.4 by 8.9 inches, and 0.55 inches thick. The whole thing takes up the same amount of space as a file folder holding 130 sheets of paper. Slip it in your laptop bag, set it up in seconds, and raise your laptop screen to a comfortable height. We tested it with a MacBook Air and a 15-inch MacBook Pro, and the iRizer sturdily held both Macs at every angle, although we did notice a tiny bit of wobble using the MacBook Pro without an external keyboard.


Matias also includes the MiniRizer, which measures 3.3 by 2 inches, folds flat to 0.25 inches thick, and lets you raise an iPhone, iPod, or even a stack of business cards to a 40- or 50-degree angle. It’s cute and very light, but we don’t see much reason to tote it along.


The bottom line. Low tables can make using a laptop a pain in the neck—pack the nearly flat iRizer in your bag for more comfortable mobile computing.




PRICE: $39.95


Adjusts to four different angles. Folds flat (0.55 inches thick) for easy transport. Comes with MiniRizer.

Nothing, really.




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