Memeo LifeAgent

Memeo LifeAgent

Easily select the folders you want LifeAgent to back up.


There are many ways to skin the backup cat, and at least a handful of good tools to help you accomplish this essential but none-too-exciting task. LifeAgent is a Mac version of Memeo’s PC backup utility, AutoBackup. While the name LifeAgent might imply this app does a whole lot more, what it really does is, well, automatically back up your stuff.


LifeAgent is flexible and easy to use - two characteristics of paramount importance when it comes to setting up a backup plan. But even more significantly, it does the work for you. Once you specify which files you want to back up, and to where, you needn’t even program a schedule. LifeAgent’s Background Service remains vigilant, backing up whenever designated files are changed or new files are added to designated folders.


In our tests, however, backups weren’t always performed instantaneously, and in one case hadn’t been performed after several hours. Luckily, you can manually instigate the backup process. While this occasional intervention does slightly mitigate the magic of automatic backups, LifeAgent still requires far less of our attention than our previous backup solution did. And it’s far better than no backup routine at all.
LifeAgent’s wizard makes setup brainless. Select specific folders or any of a variety of suggested plans—back up Mail messages, for instance, or all JPG images. Then select your destination: a removable, local, or network drive, or even Memeo Internet Disk, an offsite subscription service with storage and prices ranging from 500MB ($29.95 per year) to 5GB ($119.95 per year).


The bottom line. LifeAgent neither creates a bootable backup nor syncs to an existing backup created by another app, and on first use it requires enough free space on the backup drive to copy over all of the files you’d like it to watch. But given its low-maintenance functionality and low price, LifeAgent is a fitting solution for most backup needs.




PRICE: $29.95

REQUIREMENTS: G3 or faster or Intel processor, Mac OS 10.4.8 or later, 256MB RAM

Easy to set up. Runs automatically. Can run multiple routines to multiple backup destinations. Restores files easily. Can save multiple versions of files. Flexible backups. Can encrypt backup data.

Won’t create a bootable backup drive. Backup was not always instantaneous.





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this utilites very help me. thanx interest.



It is also flexible and easy to use - two characteristics of paramount importance when it comes to setting up a backup plan.

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