Microsoft Entourage 2008

Microsoft Entourage 2008

Entourage’s new features may not be enough to persuade you to dump iCal, Mail, and Address Book.


For all your email, contact management, and calendar tasks, there’s Entourage. Unlike the rest of Office 2008’s apps, Entourage got a minimal makeover for this new version. Whereas the other programs got spiffy new interfaces, most of Entourage’s new features are tucked behind the scenes.


Junk Filter

Entourage does a better job of screening out spam.


In the last few years, email spam has gone from being a nuisance to a real security threat, thanks to phishing messages that try to
get you to give up your personal account information. Entourage 2008 now includes improved junk mail protection that warns you when it detects a phishing message that links to a potentially dangerous website.


Exchange Support

Entourage has always supported Microsoft Exchange email servers, but the new 2008 edition takes Exchange to the next level. Users on an Exchange server (which would be almost exclusively business users in a large IT environment) can now view each other’s schedules to set up meetings. It also lets you take advantage of Exchange’s mail account management features, so you can quickly set up an out-of-office message that will automatically start on the day you leave town and stop on the day you return.

Cooler Calendar

Entourage’s colorful new calendar feature adds functionality that iCal already has.


Subtle tweaks in Entourage’s calendar make it easier to enter new events and keep track of all the different roles you play in life. A long overdue color-coding feature lets you give each category its own color—just as you’ve been able to do in iCal for years. You can also now create and modify events just by dragging and dropping them
into your calendar.




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I agree with the 1st reader. The features s/he points out to you are not new.

It is too bad that MS has still limited Entourage's calendar sharing.

It is too bad that they still use a monolithic data file, where if it gets damaged in any way there's the risk of losing ALL data.

Likewise with regards to this monolithic file, I have wondered how even checking your email all day and not even replying to email impacts on Leopard's Time Machine. As Time Machine checks for date modified -- every HOUR -- will Time Machine be backing up one's gigantic Entourage data file every hour because of receiving even ONE email changes the file's modified date?? Like editing iMovie, iDVD or any other large media projects, a drawback with Time Machine is that it'll dutifully back up these big files... even if you changed just one thing in the hour.

And finally, does the new version of Entourage leverage Leopard's "Data Detectors"?

I was a user of Entourage before Leopard, and I still miss the all-in-one app integration of data AT THE USER LEVEL and less Dock clutter and app switching like with Mail, iCal and Addressbook (but note the problem with the all-in-one data file, above), but Leopard's new flexibility and how their apps leverage it (like Quicklook in Mail -- does the new Entourage do THAT??) has simply outclassed Entourage. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Mac BU really stepped up to the plate.



I hate to disagree, but I'm using Entourage 2004 (have been since, well, 2004) and calendar-based event scheduling with Exchange has been present since Exchange support was provided with a free upgrade a bit after Office 2004 came out. I've always been able to color-code calendar events by category, so I'm not understanding how this is a new feature, either.

My Day has been generally trashed as a useless feature, so I'm interested that you find it useful.

Anyway, maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not aware of much new functionality with Entourage, which is a shame since there are some simple tweaks that MS could make and make it a much better e-mail client.

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