Microsoft Notebook Mouse for Mac

Microsoft Notebook Mouse for Mac

Microsoft didn’t take great pains in making this mouse Mac friendly.


It may seem contradictory to use a Microsoft mouse with a Mac, but since Apple offers only one wireless mouse (the Mighty Mouse), the pickings are slim. The Notebook Mouse for Mac is smaller than the Mighty Mouse, making it ideal for stashing in a bag.


The Notebook Mouse is actually a Mac version of the Notebook Mouse 5000 for Windows. When you set up a Bluetooth connection (after loading a pair of AAA batteries), the mouse appears with the 5000 moniker. You can use the Keyboard & Mouse system preference to adjust the tracking, double-click speed, primary button, and scroll speed.


Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t put much effort into making the Notebook Mouse a true Mac mouse. The four buttons can’t be customized, and though you probably would leave the primary and secondary buttons alone, you might want to customize the Scroll button (opens Dashboard), or the Back button (it opens Exposé; why it’s called the Back button, we don’t know) to your liking. Microsoft doesn’t include any software to tweak the mouse.


That’s a shame, too, because it’s designed nicely, feels solid, and our fingers fell naturally onto the buttons. The laser sensor is located toward the rear of the mouse, instead of the front, which isn’t much of a problem—because the mouse is so small, you tend to move the whole thing, not just the front of it.


The bottom line. We can only recommend this mouse if you never go beyond using two buttons, or you like the fixed functions of the Scroll and Back buttons. If only Microsoft took the time to release software for the mouse, it might have been a great product.


COMPANY: Microsoft


PRICE: $49.99

REQUIREMENTS: Bluetooth, 2 AAA batteries

Small size good for travel.

Can’t configure buttons





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I have the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 which as noted in the review is identical to the Notebook Mouse for Mac. Because both products do not include bundled software, I downloaded the Microsoft Intellipoint 6.3.0 software for OS X. You can customize assignments to all four buttons, Left, Right, Wheel and Button 4.


Steve A

Wouldn't you be able to configure the buttons on this mouse via MS Intellipoint software for Mac OS X?



Great mouse for Mac. I like this..


imagine engine

While the mouse looks great what's the point of having all those buttons if one can't configure it to be used on a Mac even though Microsoft states it's supported? Does anyone know what the size is in comparison to Apple's Mighty Mouse?



I really like this Pilot Mouse I bought for my Macbook. It's very compact and the side grips are great, really comfortable. The mouse works with my bluetooth MacBook. The page mentions that MouseWorks for Mac is coming and yet when I search for MW nothing came up. I wonder what it will do for the mouse than what the Mac driver already does?



Aside from not being able to program the buttons, I really like it a lot. It's very comfortable and it's just the right size - easy to stash in my laptop bag but not too small to use comfortably.

I ended up just disabling the expose function for the 4th button, which is no big deal since my old Kensington mouse (which broke after being dropped too many times) didn't have the 4th button.



Can this mouse be used with 3rd party mouse drivers like SteerMouse?

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