Mixed Reviews for the MacBook Air, Netflix Fires Back at iTunes, and More

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Mixed Reviews for the MacBook Air, Netflix Fires Back at iTunes, and More


MacBook Air, Cool but Limited: The early reviews of the MacBook Air are in, and it's a mixed bag -- cool design, but the limitations could turn some potential buyers off. Check out what Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, Steven Levy of Newsweek, and Edward Baig of USA Today have to say.


Mac Pro Benchmarks: Primate Labs has benchmarks for the most recent octo-core Mac Pro workstations, with groovy graphs to compare them to the previous models. Mmmmm, graphs.


Leopard Update Coming Soon: The next update of Mac OS 10.5.2 will add some features, but the jury's still out on whether or not it will allow Time Machine backups to an external hard drive connected to your AirPort Extreme. Strangely, Macsimum News says yes while Mac Rumors says no. (Fight!)


Apple Financials: CFO Peter Oppenheimer called it "the best quarter ever," and AppleInsider has a great rundown of the news. Here's Apple's press release. And for another perspective, here's a former Apple employee musing on the company's attitudes toward social apps and blogging.


Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac: Wanna know more about the newest version of Office? It supports PDF data on the clipboard, which is pretty cool. Here's MacInTouch's review. And here are some more good things about Office 2008.


Phone Zone: AT&T added a record 2.7 million wireless subscribers last quarter, thanks largely to the iPhone. If you have an iPhone/iPod touch in your pocket and AT&T DSL at home, you're in luck because AT&T is giving "premium broadband subscribers" free Wi-Fi access at 10,000 hotspots nationwide. If you don't have an iPhone with its built-in YouTube app, you may be pleased to hear that YouTube is expanding its 3G mobile phone service to include all the videos on the site.


Netflix Takes Aim: Since much of the analysis of the iTunes movie rentals tends to mention that the Netflix Watch Instantly feature doesn't work on Macs, Netflix "intends to offer" a Mac version of this feature in 2008.


Oh, Fake Steve, You Rascal: Here's a video of Fake Steve Jobs "accepting" a Crunchie Award "on behalf of" Apple. "Oh my friggin' ears" warning: Video contains swears.



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The Macbook Air is one big pile of FAIL.
For the price, I would buy a Macbook Pro and the heck with the extra weight. It's not that heavy. What are you, a pansy?



The MBA weighs a whopping 3 pounds more than a MacBook! Right? I mean, haven't you read about the tens of thousands of injuries caused by hefting 5 pound notebooks? The hundreds of thousands of cases of physical exhaustion related to carrying MacBooks? Wait till Apple introduces other MacBooks with multi-touch trackpads, I see people dropping like flies from the added weight. I shudder to think about it.



How about pointing out how badly the Microsoft Office 2008 installer messes up folder and file permissions during the installation.



check your link to edward baig's USA Today column for his review of the Macbook Air it's linking to walt's review. thanks!

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