Mo' Beta Blues

Mo' Beta Blues



It's peanut butter beta time! Thunderbird 2.0b1 is out today (including message tags, folder views, and more), and the Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta (a Universal binary, yay!) will come out tomorrow. Got .Mac? Grab Apple's Podcast Pack, which contains musical effects and voiceovers and is available exclusively to .Mac subscribers. Don't have .Mac? Toss some money in the notMac contest prize pool and maybe some clever coder will build an open-source alternative for you. While you're waiting, get some shopping done: Costco has $50 iTunes gift cards for $44.99. But you hate DRM-protected tracks, eh? Head to eMusic instead; the site just sold its 100 millionth unprotected MP3 track. On the news and commentary front, Business Week reports on a lawsuit over Internet addiction that could have a big effect on big business, Mac360 is cheesed off at Microsoft, and the New York Times' David Pogue wonders what happened to online etiquette. (Good thing we're too polite to tell any of the jokes we thought of about how it was actually destroyed in various hilarious ways by his very own mother.) And finally, some questions to ponder as you go about your day: Could the iTV lead to a partnership between Apple and Netflix? What happens when you put an iPod in a blender? And could this plastic wine bottle with a built-in glass be humanity's greatest achievement? (We're going to go out on a limb and say definitely.)




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