MobileMe - Goodbye .Mac, Hello Usefulness

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MobileMe - Goodbye .Mac, Hello Usefulness


Am I the only one who is reminded of Mario Bros. by the MobileMe icon?


Apple announced MobileMe today. The new service will replace the .Mac service. Current .Mac subscribers will have their accounts automatically upgraded to MobileMe. Apple is calling it "Exchange for the rest of us."


The service will set you back $99 annually and can be accessed at



MobileMe brings Push email, contacts and calendar to your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and iPod touch. Any changes, made from any of these platforms, will instantly sync with your other devices and the web.



Your MobileMe photo gallery is available to anyone with a web browser, and allows friends and family to upload photos to your gallery. iPhoto 8 users will be able to publish directly to their MobileMe gallery. iPhone users can share their pics directly from the camera app by choosing "Send to MobileMe."


Online storage for MobileMe will be 20GB, double the current storage of .Mac. iDisk browser integration is more finder like.


Check out Apple's guided tour of MobileMe.




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What about iWeb? no news about it still going on for mobile me anywhere...

I still want to know whether my iWeb blog can still sync with mobile me....



My wife and I have enjoyed using .Mac since it was free several years ago. In particular we have used on nearly a daily basis the web access to bookmarks. Perhaps like most people we use a Pee Cee at work and our macs at home. However since neither my wife or I own an iPhone or iTouch, the new features of the "Mobile Me" do not warrant the continued subscription of $200.00 per year my house hold pays.


Partners in Grime

And July 11 will be the first time since iTools was discontinued that I'll renew.



MaobileMe?! Sounds like communists have finally managed to infiltrate Apple. Macs of the world unite!



Maybe if Apple keeps changing the name of this service they can finally persuade users to drop a C-note every year.



With my busy business and family life, I'd gladly pay, and do now, $100 to sync my iMac, MacBook and iPhone within minutes of updating any information in the apps. I'll just skip a night out once a year to pay for it.


Clint Bradford

Eight bucks a month just for 20GB of secure online storage is well worth it, IMHO.



I don't think you get out least not shopping. Low cost-somethimes free- secure, online storage is available all over the web these days. Google apps gives you all sorts of online storage for free, as does yahoo mail. and quite a few other applications. Xbox gives you 50mb for free and charges for anything above that; it's super easy and very secure, Those are only the ones that come immediately to mind.
As to synching, I guess if you need it, it's worth it. But how many people really need to have everything synched on a daily basis?

.Mac was a waste of money...I bought it once and was very disappointed.. It was nothing like I thought it would be. Then I signed up for a 60 day trial again when leopard came out and it was still an overpriced waste. Sorry, but I just can't believe you cannot find a better use for your $100-how about donating it to help the storm victims in Iowa-this weeks natural disaster, or Japan's earthquake-last weeks, or buy some food and bring it down to your local homeless shelter?
Just a thought.

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