More Goodies from the Expo - Part One

More Goodies from the Expo - Part One


Belkin's demo of the Tune Studio was presented by an actual Real Live Musician (that's the Tune Studio in the center bottom of the image).


Belkin was showing a not-yet-released product, the Tune Studio. This nifty little mixer allow you to plug your iPod (full-size or nano) directly into it, and record up to four tracks of music - guitar, microphones, keyboards, whatever - directly onto the iPod. It works using the the iPod's Voice Memo function, but the audio is exceptionally clean: 44kHz, 16-bit WAV format; you can choose between two audio settings, ingeniously labeled "High" and "Low." If you don't want to record simply to your iPod (a great on-the-go way to use it, since the Tune Studio weighs, oh, about nothing...), you can also connect it directly to your Mac over USB.


According to a Belkin marketing type who joined the conversation between me and the aforementioned Real Live Musician, pricing for the Tune Studio has not yet been set, but should be "between $200 and $250."




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Since my nephew works for the only store in the area that sells the iMainGo, I mentioned to him that I wanted one and guess what he got me for Christmas? I LOVE it. It sounds great and its basic black color goes with my black iPod. I we had it on most of the day on Christmas to provide seasonal background music. I showed it to my Mom and she said, "What is it, a transistor radio?" and I had to admit that it did resemble one that I had in my youth, when small transistor radios were cool.


Joanne B

Nobody said you had to have Photoshop CS2 in order to see CS3 for more than 2 days. I currently have Photoshop CS and was disappointed not be able to use CS3 for more than 2 days. What kind of learning is that?



Cool site



Excellent write-up Rik. With a release as big as the iPhone, many Mac news websites and Mac fans themselves have simply lost site of the rest of the expo.

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