More Goodies from the Expo - Part One

More Goodies from the Expo - Part One


The iMainGo is an iPod case and speaker system in one compact package.


Okay, so this little item is certainly not a world-changer, but I thought it was a great example of a simple idea done right. The iMainGo ($69.95) is a DayPlanner-sized iPod case that houses and protects your iPod, plus connects it to an in-case digital amplifier that powers a surprisingly robust in-case pair of full-range speakers and tuned base-enhancing ports.


Your iPod is cradled in one of the supplied (and cushioned) adapters, and its Click Wheel controls remain accessible - you don't have to open the case to get to your 'Pod's controls. According to an iMainGo spokesperson, at 80 percent volume the case's four AAA batteries should power the device for 30 hours. Oh, and if your iPod's software has an alarm function, the iMainGo can wake you up in the a.m. - or, of course, whenever you choose.


As of today, the iMainGo is available only in black, but nano-inspired colors are on their way soon, Also, unlike many Johnny-come-lately iPod add-ons, the iMainGo works with any iPod every manufactured. Hey 1st Generation 5GB holdouts: Feel the love!




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Since my nephew works for the only store in the area that sells the iMainGo, I mentioned to him that I wanted one and guess what he got me for Christmas? I LOVE it. It sounds great and its basic black color goes with my black iPod. I we had it on most of the day on Christmas to provide seasonal background music. I showed it to my Mom and she said, "What is it, a transistor radio?" and I had to admit that it did resemble one that I had in my youth, when small transistor radios were cool.


Joanne B

Nobody said you had to have Photoshop CS2 in order to see CS3 for more than 2 days. I currently have Photoshop CS and was disappointed not be able to use CS3 for more than 2 days. What kind of learning is that?



Cool site



Excellent write-up Rik. With a release as big as the iPhone, many Mac news websites and Mac fans themselves have simply lost site of the rest of the expo.

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