More Goodies from the Expo - Part One

More Goodies from the Expo - Part One


Today I finally was able to tear myself away from other duties and spend a few hours cruising the halls of Macworld Expo. The dominant mood was one of confidence - vendor after vendor told me how this has been the "best show in years" for them, and normal human being after normal human being told me that they could feel a palpable sense of excitement about the future. As someone who has been to every Macworld Expo (except one - damn!) since, oh, about 1987 or so, this one felt unusually smile-inducing. The Apple bandwagon is on a roll, and we're all along for the ride.


You've all already read about the big doings at the Expo: Apple's announcement of the iPhone (well, duh...), Adobe's deep demonstrations of the powers of Photoshop CS3 (bag a beta when you have a free nanosecond - you'll be impressed), Quark's way-cool Flash-enabling Interactive Designer, and even nifty stuff from gorillas under 800 pounds, such as the Axiotron ModBook tablet Mac that's being distributed by Other World Computing. So as not to waste your time telling you things you already know, let me fill you in on a half-dozen or so less headline-grabbing products I uncovered during my mad dash around the two Moscone Center halls that house this year's Expo.




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Since my nephew works for the only store in the area that sells the iMainGo, I mentioned to him that I wanted one and guess what he got me for Christmas? I LOVE it. It sounds great and its basic black color goes with my black iPod. I we had it on most of the day on Christmas to provide seasonal background music. I showed it to my Mom and she said, "What is it, a transistor radio?" and I had to admit that it did resemble one that I had in my youth, when small transistor radios were cool.


Joanne B

Nobody said you had to have Photoshop CS2 in order to see CS3 for more than 2 days. I currently have Photoshop CS and was disappointed not be able to use CS3 for more than 2 days. What kind of learning is that?



Cool site



Excellent write-up Rik. With a release as big as the iPhone, many Mac news websites and Mac fans themselves have simply lost site of the rest of the expo.

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