More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two

More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two


Now you can listen to Sinatra singing "The Way You Look Tonight" while finding out exactly how you do look.


The Expo featured, oh, possibly a squillion iPod speaker stands, but this one - the TunePro from Macally - caught my eye. The mirrored flat panel is the speaker, which is created using SoundVu technology from NXT. If you squint at the image above, you can see that there are blue LEDs behind the half-silvered mirror in the upper right; those are the display for the TunePro's digital AM/FM tuner and alarm clock; you can set the clock to wake you either by radio, iPod, or a simple raucous buzz. In addition to playing tunes from your iPod, it'll charge it, as well.


The TunePro's sound is enhanced by SRS WOW technology - and if it works as well as the SRS WOW Plug-in for Mac, which enhances iTunes, its sound should be impressive, indeed. In addition to the WOW enhancements, the TunePro also has straightforward treble and bass controls, plus a full complement of presets for the AM/FM radio. There's also a line-in jack on the back to connect whatever other audio device you might want.


The Tune Pro is brand new - it's not even up on Macally's Web site yet - but when it finally appears, you'll be able to pick it up for $129.99.




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iPod junkie

I hope that the Macally TunePro sounds half as good as it looks (though I doubt it -- reality is always such a disappointment...) because it would make the ideal nightstand speaker stand. Thing about it: The alarm goes off and your favorite wake-up tune starts playing, but then you see your own bleary face in the mirrored flat-panel speaker and you're rudely jolted awake. You'll never be late for class again!

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