More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two

More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two


This memo recorder is not only compact and convenient, it's also damn cute.


I don't really know why I like this little item so much. After all, it's just a microphone for your iPod nano. I guess it's because the folks at Extreme Mac just got it so right - all the details are perfect, and all the capabilities are exactly what you'd want them to be.


The MicroMemo includes a monophonic directional microphone on a flexible neck that plugs into a small speaker-equipped unit that, in its turn, plugs into a second-generation iPod nano's dock connector. You can remove the supplied microphone and, instead, plug in any microphone that has a 3.5mm jack; if, for example, you want to record in stereo - to record in stereo, however, you'll need to use a powered microphone. The MicroMemo records in WAV format; you can choose to record in either 16-bit audio at 44 kHz or 8-bit at 22 kHz. You can listen to your memos over the included speaker, but according to Travis Read, an industrial designer for Xtreme Mac, you'll want to hold the speaker up to your ear 'cause "It's not super loud."


On the bottom of the speaker unit there's a three-position switch: Mic, for recording using either the included mic or your choice of mics (gain control is automatic in this mode); Line, for recording a line-level signal from any source; and Earbuds, so you casn plug your 'buds into the mic jack to listen to your recordings. All the needed software is built into the iPod's OS (the Voice Memo function); saved memos are automatically given time/date stamps, and to move your memos to your Mac all you need to do is sync the MicroMemo with iTunes .


The MicroMemo is available at Apple Stores nationwide for $59.95.




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iPod junkie

I hope that the Macally TunePro sounds half as good as it looks (though I doubt it -- reality is always such a disappointment...) because it would make the ideal nightstand speaker stand. Thing about it: The alarm goes off and your favorite wake-up tune starts playing, but then you see your own bleary face in the mirrored flat-panel speaker and you're rudely jolted awake. You'll never be late for class again!

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