More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two

More Goodies from the Expo - Part Two


All TextSoap 5.5 does is clean up text - but it does it very, very well.


I've never understood why "one-trick pony" is considered pejorative. After all, what if that trick is a really, really good one? What if the pony knows how to do that trick in hundreds of variations? What if the pony is smart enough to let you easily modify that trick in countless ways?


Meet TextSoap 5.5 from Unmarked Software, a pony that performs its one trick - cleaning up text - in more ways than at which you can shake the proverbial stick. TextSoap isn't new - after all, it's now at version 5.5 - but it continues to get better, allowing you more and more control over exactly how you want to clean up that email that acquired tons of extraneous characters or insane formatting when it was bounced from sender to forwarder and so on, or exactly in what way that you want the text you just scraped from that non-standard website to be formatted. TextSoap contains over 100 built-in cleaners with simple, one-click access that you can either use as-is or customize into sets that best fit your needs - and, of course, you can save and share your customizations.


There's so much that TextSoap can do that I'll just point you to Unmarked's website, where you can peruse all of this helpful utility's many and varied capabilities. TextSoap 5.5 is available in two strengths: Standard, at $29.95, and the truly burly Deluxe, at $39.95; both require Mac OS 10.39 or later, though 10.4 is recommended.




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iPod junkie

I hope that the Macally TunePro sounds half as good as it looks (though I doubt it -- reality is always such a disappointment...) because it would make the ideal nightstand speaker stand. Thing about it: The alarm goes off and your favorite wake-up tune starts playing, but then you see your own bleary face in the mirrored flat-panel speaker and you're rudely jolted awake. You'll never be late for class again!

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