More iTunes Movies Means Less $$$ in Your Pocket

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More iTunes Movies Means Less $$$ in Your Pocket


Reports that Apple has agreed to pay a wholesale price of $15 per movie to 20th Century Fox could mean that the your favorite films in the iTunes store could be gearing up for a price hike.


With the new price nearly on par with that of retail DVD's, it's hard to imagine consumers flocking to the already lack-luster movie section of the iTunes store.


Of course, this deal could be a sign that Apple is finally unveiling it's iTunes rental store. Apple has to realize that customers will balk at paying the same price for a DRM-laden file that they would for a DVD. Renting a movie from the iTunes store via the Apple TV or within iTunes using the Netflix-type model would make more sense to consumers. Rent three films at a time and when one is deleted the next film in your queue downloads.


Is the $15 price tag a new licensing fee? Or have the studios found another way to shoot themselves in the foot. Let's hope there is more to this deal than meets the eye.




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Apple will need to dievrsify the prices for Movies. I bought a few movies on iTunes (convenience) while the DVD's were cheaper. I have no problem for new movies to pay a dollar or two more, but there also should be clearance pricing. And 9.99 isn't clearance. Price diversity in music never was there. You could save a few cents or so between shopping at store A or B, but never in the dollars. But with movies, it's completely different. Pricing is all over the place, from 2 dollar (Public Domain) to 30+ dollar for Special Editions.



Movie studios are so far behind the state of technology. Stuff like this is ridiculous and I am now sure I will not be using the itunes store to buy any films any time soon.

Also I wonder if this means Apple is loosing its control of digital media pricing. If so I hope we don't start seeing any other price hikes such as that found in hard copy form.

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