More Speculation on iPhone Sales Potential, New iMacs Coming, Safari 3 Reviews, and More

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More Speculation on iPhone Sales Potential, New iMacs Coming, Safari 3 Reviews, and More

Will iPhone interest translate to sales? In a recent survey, IDC found that just because 60 percent of the 456 people it polled were interested in the iPhone, those surveyed were not planning to buy one anytime soon. The reasons? The cost of the device and the potential cost of switching carriers. Only 10 percent of respondents said they were interested in paying full price for an iPhone and signing a two-year contract with AT&T.


However, according to AT&T head Randall Stephenson, who spoke this morning at the NXTcomm conference in Chicago, 40 percent of the 1 million people who have inquired about the iPhone are not currently AT&T customers. Randall added that in preparation for the iPhone launch, AT&T hired and trained hundreds of new employees to support it, and rebranded all its Cingular stores to AT&T.


Anyone who does rush out to buy an iPhone next week could eventually benefit from the upcoming iPhone developers camp, which is being organized (without Apple's blessing or participating) to "make the Web a better place" for the iPhone. The biggest problem for the iPhone, however, may not be a lack of interest from potential buyers but a lack of supply to stoke the demand.


New iMacs a near certainty: It's not exactly new news, but AppleInsider reports with some certainty that new iMacs are due out this summer, sometime between mid-July and mid-August. Unlike the internal updates on the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros announced in the last several weeks, the 20- and 24-inch iMacs are getting a design overhaul that includes a "slimmer and sleeker" exterior.


Safari 3 beta stirs the waters: Mozilla COO John Lilly was a bit peeved by the way Steve Jobs portrayed the browser market in his keynote address at the WWDC. Steve's pie chart showing just two browsers, Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer "doesn't give much credit to the large and growing number of other quality browsers that are on the scene today, and certainly doesn't give any sophisticated understanding of the situation outside the US, where things vary more," Lilly said.


Meanwhile, reviews of the latest version of Safari keep coming in. CNET points out that it may not be a better browser than IE, but Safari offers better color for online images. Still, one Windows user can't quite get used to the uber-simplicity of Safari's menus and options.


And despite the appearance that Apple's release of Safari 3 beta for Mac and Windows has started a war with Microsoft, some contend the real war is raging between Microsoft and Google.


In other news: An unofficial first-look review of Mac OS X Leopard confirms that it is indeed a pretty kitty. If you've been waiting for an updated version of Cocktail, the oh-so-handy suite of OS X utilities from Maintain, the wait is over. And after you've installed Cocktail and used it to goose your system, check out a new way to speed up video downloads from the iTunes Store, courtesy of Swarmcast. Checking the rumor mill, the latest from Germany: According to the Register, a German magazine is claiming that Apple is developing a GPS device that will debut in Mercedes cars. (We wonder: Are they sure it's not just a hacked Apple TV?) Meanwhile, Engadget reports on another rumor involving Apple and Timex collaborating on a digital watch that could control an iPod. If you're already worried about how much the IT department at your company knows about you, just wait: Intel has developed technology that allows IT dudes to access the data on your machine even when the machine is powered off or has suffered a meltdown.




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