Moshi Celesta

Moshi Celesta

Moshi’s Celesta keyboard is available in silver aluminum with white keys, or black aluminum with black keys.


When Apple unveiled the new, sleek, metallic iMacs recently, the company also redesigned the Apple Keyboard with an aluminum body and slimmer design. Our staff had mixed opinions on the revamped keyboard, the chief complaints being that it’s impossible to adjust the angle, and that the keys have spaces between them. Fortunately, the Moshi Celesta keyboard fixes both of these problems, and its handsome aluminum body is an almost-perfect match to the new iMacs as well as other aluminum Apple hardware, such as the MacBook Pro, PowerBook, and Cinema Display.


The Celesta is incredibly slim, measuring just under 1 inch thick at the back. Moshi says that this height keeps your wrists and arms aligned properly if the keyboard is positioned away from the desk’s edge (so your forearms end up resting on the desk as you type). If you prefer to place your keyboard at the edge of your desk, so your arms aren’t resting on the desktop, a riser on the bottom of the keyboard lets you raise up the back another half-inch, so your wrists stay aligned with your forearms. Both the keyboard and the riser have rubber feet so the whole thing stays put.


The keys feel like a laptop keyboard’s and use the same keyswitch technology, called scissor-switch, which has a low action (the distance between the key when it’s pressed down and when it’s up). Moshi says this leads to more efficient typing, since you don’t have to press the keys as hard as you would on a more inexpensive keyboard that uses rubber-dome keyswitches. (We didn’t notice much of a difference.) But while the Celesta feels like typing on a laptop keyboard, the keys are full-size, and the keyboard includes all the extra keys you’d expect, including volume up and down, Eject, and a number pad.


You also get two USB 2.0 ports on the right side that provide enough power to charge an iPod, which is especially nice considering that the Celesta only requires one USB port on your Mac. (Other keyboards with USB 2.0 ports that we’ve tested required two ports on your Mac - one to connect and one to provide power.) The Celesta was sturdy in our testing, although one arrow key did spontaneously pop off while we typed, but it was easy to fix - we just popped the key back on and pushed down until the plastic hinge snapped together, and the key worked as good as new.


The bottom line. If the new aluminum Apple Keyboard bugs you, or you enjoy typing on laptop keyboards but want something full-size for use on a desk, the Moshi Celesta is a great (if somewhat pricey) choice that marries function and style.


PRICE: $120

Two tilt angles for ergonomic wrist position. Aluminum frame matches new iMacs, as well as MacBook Pros and Cinema Displays.
One key popped off during testing, but was easy to fix.





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This is one beautiful keyboard with incredible industrial design as well as great ergonomics. I replaced my Apple Pro Bluetooth keyboard with the Celestra and am loving it. The keys are really responsive and I can type quite a bit faster--and more accurately-- with this keyboard.

I had a hard time finding it for the two sources for purchasing this product had it on backorder for over a month. But the wait was well worth it. Is $120 too much to spend on a keyboard? Considering that it is the primary input tool for your Mac and you use it more than any other peripheral...I think it is a steal.

Sorry I am gushing, but you will not regret this purchase.

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