Mossberg Expects New iPhone, Quicktime Goes Anti-Hacker and Microsoft Steps Up Yahoo Acquisition

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Mossberg Expects New iPhone, Quicktime Goes Anti-Hacker and Microsoft Steps Up Yahoo Acquisition





Well, if Mossberg says it: Tech journalist to the stars, Walt Mossberg, dropped the 3G iPhone dime during a Beet.TV conference in Washington, DC. Mossberg expects a 3G iPhone in 60 days. Mossberg is one of a select few journalists that Apple deems worthy of covering its devices prior to general release.


Apple target gets boost to $195: Research firm, Thomas Weisel Partners, upgraded Apple's stock target to $195 from $188. The firm expects a 24 compound annual growth of the Mac market over the next five years.


Quicktime obtains anti-hacker features: Apple has included several new anti-hacker features in the latest Quicktime release for OS X and Windows. The features include, ASLR that randomly scrambles the positions of key data, stack buffer safety checking and function call hardening to prevent buffer overflows.



Secret merger papers on Craigslist: If you're in the market for super-secret Apple Nintendo merger documents you should be trolling Craigslist. For the low price of $99,999 you can own the internal documents that will lead to the iPhone getting Mario Kart.


Flash orders to drop 66%: iSuppli predicts a 66% drop on flash memory orders. The drop is blamed in part on the slowing economy and Apple's failure to place large orders.


Microsoft threatens Yahoo: Microsoft Chief Executive and Miami Sound Machine fan, Steve Ballmer, sent a letter to Yahoo giving the internet search giant three weeks to reach a deal with Microsoft. In February, Microsoft offered $44.6 billion for Yahoo. Yahoo has since enacted several defensive actions to make acquisition of the company extremely expensive.



150 apps with Exposé: A Mac user decided to open 150 apps on his MacBook Pro, launch Exposé, and screen grab the process for all the world to see. The user stated that he noticed no slowdown after opening all the apps with 4GB of RAM.



Robbie tried the same thing with 2GB of RAM on his MacBook Pro. It took 10 minutes to open all the apps, and there was some slowdown. If someone wants to send Robbie two more gigabytes of RAM, he'll try again.




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This is an interesting move that Apple is making. It could definitely bring gamers to their platform, since Nintendo has a lot of experience in that area. The technology in the Wiis might even turn up in Apple's computers. However, I just don't see Nintendo being that cool compared with the Playstation 3 and the XBOX 360, but then again those two both are partnered with each other in the PC field.



the apple/nintendo headline is a hoax/joke. don't lose sleep over it. no ... lose sleep over your gullability and poor business acumen.



Hey Robbie, probably the 150 Aps didn't slow down your MB. Google Earth by itself did that. Try again with 149 without GE and see the difference!!



When you say slowdown, you mean beachballed to hell and back or just not as nippy as he'd like? These things help certain Senior Editors get a free 2GB of RAM yknow.


Roberto Baldwin

Ok, it didn't beachball. But what if I want to run 160 apps while rendering effects in Final Cut Pro. I can't do that without the most RAM the computer allows. I also need a 42" plasma TV for when I work at home. Oh, and a PS3.


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