Move a File and Have Your Delete Too

Move a File and Have Your Delete Too

Sometimes when you're moving a file to another location (say onto a CD) you want to delete the file as well. So you drag the file, let it copy and then hit delete. Ugh. Too much work, right?


Next time, hold down the command key as you're dragging the file and your Mac will move the file and then delete it for you.






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Now how do you move "several files at the same time", using the Command key?

I've tried, and I only seem able to move one file at a time.


Eric F Crist

The normal operation in OS X when you drag a file to another location is copy, indicated by the green bubble with a + sign. By definition, a copy excludes a delete. Otherwise it wouldn't be a copy. ;) Holding down command changes the operation to a move, and you'll note the absence of the bubble with a +.

From my experience, it seems that OS X tries to determine if you want a copy or move operation. When dragging a file from one location to another on the same partition, you get a move operation and when dragging from one partition to another, or one hard drive to another, you get a copy operation.


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