Was your iPod nano meant to be seen and heard? That's your call.


Macally's mTune-N headphones have a slot for your iPod nano, so instead of hiding in your pocket, it's out and about for everyone to see - on your head. Accessing the nano's controls is a little tricky if you decide to leave the mTune-N on. The headphones have a 3.5-millimeter jack, so you can connect a male-to-male cable (included) between the headphones and the headphone jack of an iPod or Mac.


The sound quality from the mTune-N was surprisingly good. We could hear good separation between highs and lows, and clean overall sound. Bass response was better than when using the iPod earbuds.


The bottom line. The mTune-N headphones are a good reason to ditch your earbuds - if you don't mind the ocasional curious stare.


COMPANY: Macally
CONTACT: 909-230-6888,
PRICE: $49.99
REQUIREMENTS: iPod nano, headphone jack
Original design. Good sound quality.
Awkward access to iPod controls.





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