MultiLedger 7

MultiLedger 7

For $399, you'd think MultiLedger's main navigation window would have a more-refined design sense.


Once the app was set up, we found day-to-day use equally vexing. Learning MultiLedger is a bit like learning a new sport with a coach who only tells you what you're doing wrong. As you go about setting up, say, a quote, MultiLedger will frequently pop up a message indicating that you've violated some rule or another. This is not a bad thing per se, but we're used to interfaces that preempt such issues rather than stopping us after the fact and forcing us to start over.


MultiLedger is not without redeeming features. At 414 pages, the documentation is thorough, well organized, and well written. The glossary of accounting terms is a kind gesture to neophyte number crunchers, sample charts of accounts are handy when setting up a new company, and the comprehensive index is a welcome departure from the weak or absent indices common to contemporary documentation. We also appreciate the AppleScript support. CheckMark Software suggests using AppleScript to perform custom importing. But resorting to scripting only draws attention to MultiLedger's anemic import offerings.


MultiLedger is cross-platform and networkable, a claim that market-leader QuickBooks Pro for Mac can't make. Unfortunately, MultiLedger's sharing is at odds with Mac OS X and can only act as a guest of a shared file, not a host. If you don't have a Windows or OS 9 server available, you can forget about networking.


The bottom line. If you long for the computing experience of yesteryear and like to do things the hard way, MultiLedger may be for you. We've already moved on.


COMPANY: CheckMark Software
PRICE: $399
REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 8.6 or later
Good documentation.
Lousy interface. Difficult setup. Sharing is at odds with Mac OS X. High price.





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