MultiSync 195WVXM-BK

MultiSync 195WVXM-BK

No matter what anyone says, three inches is just not tall enough.


We want an Apple Cinema Display - or two - on our desks as much as the next person, but for most of us commoners, they're a bit pricey. So we're always looking for affordable alternatives. NEC's 19-inch MultiSync LCD 195WVXM-BK is just such an offering. It's a bit smaller than the 20-inch Cinema Display ($699,, but it's less than half the price, and as a general-purpose display, the 195WVXM-BK works quite well.


Compared to a 20-inch Cinema Display, and with both displays set to the same settings and color profile, the 195WVXM-BK was brighter (both are rated at 300 cd/m2), though we preferred the richer tonal reproduction of the Cinema Display. Business graphics and color illustrations popped nicely, and text looked clean and crisp. We didn't notice any streaking during DVD playback on the 195WVXM-BK, which has a 5-millisecond response time.


Our one major gripe with the 195WVXM-BK is its stand. It raises the display about 3 inches from your desk, and you can’t adjust the height - but hey, you were looking for something to do with that old phone book, weren't you? We do like how NEC placed the built-in speakers underneath the bottom left and right of the bezel in such a way that the speakers protrude toward the back. Too bad they produce tinny sound.

The bottom line. If you can work around its height restriction, the 195WVXM-BK is a great-looking LCD.


PRICE: $284.99
Nice image quality. Crisp text. Good brightness.
Can't adjust height. Speakers produce tinny sound.





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