These 'buds provide amazing sound at a great price.


Sennheiser's MX500 earbuds have been available for a while, but only in metallic blue. Sennheiser has finally adopted the iPod's signature white color-and while at first glance the new model looks uncannily like the iPod's supplied earbuds, the MX500s sound better.


The MX500s have a volume-control slider attached to the cable-handy if your iPod is in your bag or pocket. The sound quality itself is much better than what you'd expect from low-price earbuds, with stunning bass response and no signs of distortion, no matter how loudly you play your music.


Sennheiser didn't feel the need to add a stupidly long cable to the MX500s. The cable is a good 3 feet-a decent length that doesn't get in your way. As for comfort, if you don't like Apple's earbuds, then your won't like the MX500s-they have a similar fit.


The bottom line. There's no reason to keep using your stock iPod buds, except for visual recognition by strangers on the street. The MX500 earbuds sound better and are priced right.


COMPANY: Sennheiser
CONTACT: 877-736-6434,
PRICE: $19.95
REQUIREMENTS: Headphone jack, human ears
Excellent bass response and wide dynamic range. Great price.
Your iPod earbuds will clutter up your junk drawer.





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