Naval Battle

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Naval Battle


We outgrew Battleship in the fourth grade, so we were surprised that Naval Battle kept us at attention. This iPod take on the board game (and older ancestors) follows those boredom-inducing rules in a classic, almost-never-ending game mode. But additional play options embellish with super weapons, winner’s-outs for consecutive shots, and creative maps. These updates plug the holes in standard Battleship.


In Naval Battle’s flotilla of modes, we especially like the single-player campaign. Snappy, simple boards start small. With grids of about five by ten spaces, you’re more likely to make hits. Most maps even include an island, iceberg, or other obstruction on the opponent’s side, giving gamers an advantage by eliminating a few squares. A power meter gradually charges while playing, allowing super attacks that shoot torpedoes across the entire length of the board, send air reconnaissance to examine a few targets, blast a handful of squares at once, and more.


The bottom line. Quick pacing and super attacks make Battleship float again.


COMPANY: Gameloft


PRICE: $4.99

REQUIREMENTS: iPod Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic, or iPod Video (5th generation)


Great graphics, animation, and visual style. Fast-pace battles. Many play modes. Can play with two people on one iPod. Offers a few competent control schemes.

AI is idiotic in beginning, then seems to cheat in later levels. Even updated pace, weapons, and rules get repetitive in long sessions.






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