NES Apple Remote, More Mac Sales and Netflix Box Arrives

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NES Apple Remote, More Mac Sales and Netflix Box Arrives


Now, you are playing with power: Thank Koopa, you can now combine your love of old school video games, with your love of all things Apple. Instructables has great Nintendo/Apple Remote mash-up how-to for those who, think different while saving the princess from, yet another, castle.


Mac sales still climbing: Apple continues to buck economic trends with news that Macs units sales are up 50 percent for April compared to April last year. Compare that with a 17 percent rise in sales by the rest of the market, and Apple's sitting pretty. Take that Michael Dell.


Napster launches again: Napster's back! This time, sans DRM and boasting six million songs. Now to try it out -- oh wait. Unable to load requested page to purchase a song. Yeah, get back to us when it works.


Netflix box: The first, in what is rumored to be a long line of Netflix set-top boxes, has emerged. Finally, Mac users can stream Netflix films without launching Windows. It'll only cost you $100 and a spot near your TV.


Clean that Mac: Mac Observer has some tips on how to keep your Mac clean in their latest podcast. A clean Mac is a happy Mac.



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Tiago Castro

If you know how to make it or know someone selling, I'm interested in buying them wholesale to sell at my apple TV & accessories online shop, email me at




I'll pay somebody to make this more me! Get ahold of me:



NES controller remote, very sweet. However, a NES Advantage controller remote would be all out awesome.

Bulky as hell, yes but awesome. Come on, it was in Ghostbusters 2!



Come on! The fact that instant viewing from Netflix isn't possible on a Mac right now should be seen as a BUG, not an opportunity for a new box to buy. Plenty of us already know how to stream Mac-based media to our TVs, and a fix for the bug would be the right way to go.

Now, Netflix is setting its third party vendors up for a competition with AppleTV, which I think is a major miscalculation. Better to work out a way to make Netflix work with AppleTV or people streaming content other ways.



This is why I left Netflix. Now they are offering to sell me a cheap windows box to connect to my tv? Thanks but no thanks.

I would hope that Apple would team up with Hulu. That might actually get me to finally buy an AppleTV.




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