New: Age of Empires III 1.0

New: Age of Empires III 1.0

Your Home City

Much like a persistent character in a role-playing game, your Home City is a support system that regularly sends you supplies or military reinforcements. As you get better, your Home City becomes stronger, allowing you to unlock new types of soldiers or buildings, broaden your tech tree, and customize the appearance of your city. You can even visit your Home City to watch its citizens, get an opinion on how you’re doing, or plot your next move.



Age of Empires III gives players an amazing amount of control over their side of the battlefield. You’re in control of large and diverse armies of infantry, cavalry, artillery, Native American warriors, mercenaries, and ships. You can assign different formations to your army, like Volley, Charge, or Bombard, or have the game automatically choose the most appropriate formation for you. The real-time physics cause infantry struck by cannon balls to get thrown like rag dolls, perhaps even over a cliff into the water. Cannon balls bounce and ricochet. Shingles, shutters, and whole towers may fly off a building and interact with the terrain.



Tone mapping gives scenes a realistic look by balancing colors in a scene. Units and buildings cast realistic shadows based on the sun’s position. Water glistens like water, foams near the shore, and reflections change with the viewing angle, the angle of sunlight, and the motion of the water. Steep cliffs jut from the terrain like paintings from the American Southwest.


REQUIREMENTS: Macintosh computer with a G4/G5 or Intel processor running at 1.4GHz or faster, Mac OS X v10.3.9 or higher, 512MB RAM, 64 MB Video Card (with support for hardware T & L). 56K dial-up Internet access or LAN for online play


To download a demo copy of Age of Empires III 1.0 (419.6MB), click here.




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