New: Captain FTP 5.0

New: Captain FTP 5.0

FTP is considered to be the most effective way to distribute files over the Internet, why not take it further and allow users to connect each other? Captain FTP also has many enhancements that combine to make the already user-friendly Captain FTP even more inviting for Mac users. File management has been made easier with the addition of built-in file viewers for movies, sounds, pictures, PDF, a new browser column to show file attributes, and file/folder synchronization has been enhanced with a visual browser.


Captain offers many features which enhance the user experience including such background transfers which free up the browser window for other activities. Growl notifications which alert users of completed tasks with visual and audible alerts. Collapsible preview and task drawers add to the users experience of the application by simplifying many of the repetitive and cumbersome tasks. The Transfer Manager, a showpiece of Captain FTP, not only controls file transfers, and allows users to modify the transfers by pausing, and halting transfers, but has now been integrated with the accelerated downloads functionality, which works particularly well for large files 2GB and bigger, enabling large files to be downloaded much more quickly.


Security is at the top of most users' priorities, and Captain FTP has introduced an extra layer of security with Key Authentication for Secure FTP transfers. There are many more enhancements in Captain FTP which combine to provide an enjoyable experience for the user, such as auto expanding folders with Drag&Drop, configurable FTP control buttons, Aliases, and more.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3 or later


To download a trial copy of Captain FTP 5.0 (9.2MB), click here.



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