New: F10 Launch Studio 1.5.1

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New: F10 Launch Studio 1.5.1

F10 Launch Studio is the premier launch management suite for Mac OS X. Its patent pending design delivers an extraordinarily fast and efficient way to launch applications and documents. It will literally change the way you use your computer by streamlining the most commonly performed task: launching. Launch applications and documents without knowing where they're located. F10 Launch Studio's ground-breaking Auto-Discovery feature will even search your hard disk and intelligently categorize all your applications. Plus, the built-in Application Switcher makes it a breeze to switch between running programs using a simple hot key.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


To download a copy of F10 Launch Studio 1.5.1 (3.7MB), click here.



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I've been using F10 Launch Studio for a few years now and I can say that it's a very valuable tool. I am able find and launch any application in my Mac within seconds.

I highly recommend it.

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