New: GooBall 1.0.2

New: GooBall 1.0.2

Life as an intergalactic vagabond was a blast: warping from universe to universe, surfing the Milky Way Wave... that is until one wrong turn at Alpha Centauri slams you into an asteroid belt, forcing a crash landing in the desert on a little out of the way planet called "Earth." Thrust into a viscous gooey ball -- that they call a "life support system" -- you're now the object of affection for a bunch of guys that curiously are all named "CIA." Poked, prodded, and massaged in ways that'd normally cost several thousand credits in the seedier parts of Beta Pictoris, this is a far cry from a casual holiday!


REQUIREMENTS: MacOS 10.3 or later


To download a demo copy of GooBall 1.0.2 (89.8MB), click here.




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