New: iBank 2.3.12

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New: iBank 2.3.12

Tracking your finances can be a lot like cleaning the house: you really want it to get done, but sometimes you just dread doing it. Just like cleaning the house can be more enjoyable with good cleaning supplies and tools, tracking your money can be much easier if you have the appropriate software application to assist you.


Introducing iBank 2, an intuitive full-featured personal and small business financial manager. iBank 2 is designed to manage bank accounts, credit cards and investments, analyze income and expenses with live updating charts, and plan your financial future with budgeting and forecasting. Wrapped in a beautiful Aqua interface, iBank 2 is a robust financial application able to meet the needs of casual spenders and online day-traders alike.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3 or later


To download a demo copy of iBank 2 (16.4MB), click here.



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Cathy Preston

The way would have been to take the disk and install it. Then you would need to go into the already installed version on the old computer and get the code. Then enter it into the new one :)

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Where can I download the version that works with sys 10.4 ? When I get to the download area with this one, it says "above 10.5" - Leopard.

Can this be true?? The program looks great.

Thanks for the info



Nancy Caldwell

Hi Joyce,

I am not sure if anyone has replied to your query or not. iBank 2 does run on OS X 10.4 and can be downloaded from the IGG Software website. Choose the "downloads" button on the iBank 3 page and scroll down to "Older Versions".

I hope this helps!


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