The teeny-tiny iBumps keep your iPod from slip-slidin' away.


Attach a set of iBumps to the back of your iPod and you won't have to worry about it skidding across your car's dashboard every time you make a turn. You get a set of six clear small rubber pads for the back of your 'Pod, and six white, black, or clear pads for the front. Where you actually use them (and how many you use) is up to you - you can stick 'em on your iPod, digital camera, mobile phone, coffee mug, snow globes, fishbowl, whatever. With iBumps, your iPod is still exposed, but you can fit an iBumped iPod into some looser-fitting cases.


The bottom line. You can find a set of vinyl pads for around the same price at your local hardware store, but you may not be able to find any that are this small.


CONTACT: www.ibumps.com
REQUIREMENTS: Anything you want to remain stationary
Cheap. Skid-proofs your iPod.
Nowhere near the protection a case provides.





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