iDropper 1.2.2

iDropper 1.2.2

iDropper is an FTP file transfer system in two parts: The iDropper application, and the uploader client "droplets" which it creates. You can distribute the droplets (Mac or Windows) to anyone you wish, or use them on your own desktop.


A droplet is a mini-application that sits on the computer desktop as an icon. Once a droplet is configured, FTP file transfer is accomplished simply by dragging files and folders onto the desktop icon. End users require no knowledge of FTP protocols, do not need to install and configure an FTP client, and never need to know your FTP login and password information.


It's like giving users an electronic self-addressed, stamped envelope!


iDropper comes in two "flavors:"


iDropper Personal lets you create unlimited, cross-platform droplets, upload files and folders, archive files and folders, and perform pre-flight status checks.


iDropper Enterprise adds powerful Web technology, business process, and workflow integration features that let you create custom job info forms, provides Web-page and Web-scripts notification, and gives you the ability to add custom branding to your droplets.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3.9 or later


To download a trial copy of iDropper Personal 1.2.2 (5.9MB), click here.

To download a trial copy of iDropper Enterprise 1.2.2 (5.7MB), click here.




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