New iMacs Tomorrow, iPhone Unlocked in Europe, Fake Steve Unmasked

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New iMacs Tomorrow, iPhone Unlocked in Europe, Fake Steve Unmasked

Press event tomorrow: Piper Jaffray expects new iMacs to be announced at tomorrow's press event in Cupertino, with a redesigned form factor. Just in time for the back-to-school shopping season, too, prompting predictions for strong sales. Oh, and Steve Jobs will be there, too. (The real Steve Jobs.) We'll be in Cupertino tomorrow, so check back here for news once the event is over. Aside from new Macs, we're hearing more rumors about new iPods, but possibly not until the end of September. The rumors say the new video iPods will use flash memory, further squeezing the supply of NAND flash memory. iPod sales are currently sliding, so a design refresh is good news.


Fake Steve Jobs: The New York Times published a story yesterday revealing the identity of Fake Steve Jobs, of the entertaining Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog. (We're still in no-spoiler mode from the recent Harry Potter release, so click a link to find out who's behind FSJ.) Valleywag had been working on the case before it finally broke this weekend, upsetting bloggers who are now sad that Fake Steve is dead. But don't fret, there are always other fakes you can follow. Here are more reactions from the blogosphere. We're pouring some virtual beer on the curb for our fallen (fake) homie.


Phone news: Apple's been sued again, this time over whether the iPhone's keyboard display violates another company's patent. Hackers in Europe claim to have unlocked an iPhone with a blank SIM card and a SIM card reader/writer, for a total cost of $96. Over here, the iPhone Dev Team getting closer to its goal of unlocking the iPhone; they've now extracted the main iPhone key. And Google is showing a prototype cell phone to manufacturers, based on a Linux OS. The company's vision is to provide free devices or free service, supported by advertising. We like free, so we'll be following this story as more information comes out.



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