Is there a way to move styled and tabled text from TextEdit to a Web page?

Is there a way to move styled and tabled text from TextEdit to a Web page?

TextEdit is a lot more Web savvy than you might think.


It’s easy to forget that TextEdit provides world-class HTML, XHTML, and CSS support—thanks for reminding us. Going from TextEdit to the Web, make sure that you’re working in Rich Text mode (if you’re not sure, select Format > Make Rich Text; you can make Rich Text the default under TextEdit > Preferences > New Document). Now you can go to town styling up a document. When you’re ready to rock the Web, select File > Save As, choose HTML from the File Format pull-down menu, and marvel as TextEdit creates compliant, efficient HTML and CSS code. You can pick your Web poison via TextEdit > Preferences > Open And Save: Strict or Transitional HTML or XHTML; and Inline, Embedded, or no CSS.


Note that adding images will require adding your own HTML image tags (à la <img src=”path/to/image.jpg” width=”7200” height=”5” alt=”long image” border=”9”>), which requires digging into the actual HTML source code. To do this, save and close your document, then open TextEdit > Preferences > Open And Save and check the box labeled Ignore Rich Text Commands In HTML Files. Now TextEdit will open HTML pages in source-code mode for your monkeying pleasure. Conversely, if you leave that same box unchecked, you can open and edit Web pages in WYSIWYG mode—more or less. TextEdit can’t handle some Web technologies, such as external style sheets, so some pages will look nothing like they look in a proper Web browser.




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