NoteBook 2.1

NoteBook 2.1

NoteBook is a combination outliner and free-form database that lets you clip, annotate, and share unstructured information. Organize your information using a familiar notebook interface complete with pages and tabs. Arrange notes hierarchically in logical outline pages or free-form writing pages, in ways that make sense to you. Integrate graphics and media directly into your notes where you need them and add annotations, keywords, and stickers to help you keep track.


NoteBook's MORE-style outlining commands are built right in, with familiar keyboard equivalents. NoteBook integrates directly with key Apple iApps to keep life in the digital hub super-organized. The NoteBook Contact Sticker provides direct, menu-based access to relevant Address Book contacts, as well as iChat and Mail functions from within NoteBook.


You can set and manage iCal alarms for your NoteBook Action Items without leaving NoteBook, while receiving these alarms wherever they are through Apple's standard iCal and iPod delivery systems. Moreover, you can download your outlines to your iPod and view them using native iPod-style browsing. Voice annotation recordings tied to your notes can be downloaded to iTunes playlists for convenient playback through iTunes or an iPod. And just to be safe, you can protect private thoughts with passwords, covers, and encryption.


REQUIREMENTS: Mac OS 10.3 or later


To download a trial copy of NoteBook 2.1 (20.5MB), click here.




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