Otterbox Medium Laptop Case

Otterbox Medium Laptop Case

This hard-ass is takin' what you're givin' cause it's workin' for a livin'.


Is a typical nylon notebook bag too wimpy for your forays into rugged territory with your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or PowerBook? Otterbox's Medium Laptop Case is made of superstrong plastic - and not the plastic your mom's Tupperware is made from, either. We're talking plastic that's tough enough to handle a 160-pound editor standing on it, and even bouncing a little.


We don't recommend that you make a habit of using this (or any) laptop case as a step stool, but you can take comfort in its fortitude. The case is not quite waterproof; more accurately, it's water resistant. When we submerged the case in a bathtub full of water (sans bubbles), the contents (a bunch of Microsoft Windows polo shirts) came out soaked. To be fair, Otterbox's website plainly says that the case is "not intended for underwater use." Nonetheless, the case does provide excellent protection against splashes and rain. It holds a 15-inch laptop snugly in place with Velcro-attached bumpers. The bumpers can be adjusted to fit a 13-inch notebook, but the case is too small for a 17-inch model. (Tip: Buy extra Velcro to secure extras like cords or a mouse; the case lacks pockets and pouches.)


The bottom line. Whether you're braving rain, sleet, or punishing clumsiness, this rugged Otterbox case will protect your trusty 'Book.


COMPANY: Otterbox
PRICE: $169.95
REQUIREMENTS: 13-inch or 15-inch 'Book
Water resistant. Tough. Notebook can be used inside the case.
Only one size available. Pricey. No extra pockets or pouches.





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