“Self-Made Debacle”: RIM, HTC, Nokia Turn Their Backs on Apple



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My Samsung smartphone does that all the time, it's AWFUL. It's a phone issue, not just an iPhone issue.



Sorry but Lazaridis is full of it. I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 (which by the way is a crappy phone) and if I give it the so-called "death grip" hold, it will lose a bar or two of sensitivity. It is endemic of all hand held devices.

Apple is being unfairly crucified on this issue by envious rivals who, after smelling a little blood, have seized the opportunity to attack. It's obvious and pathetic.



This type of "story" that after 3 years of being a subsrciber I have not renewed my sub.

From the poor coverage of the iPhone4 press just a few days ago, with the snid and hatefully anti apple reporting to the click bait garbage that is spilling out like sewage.

You don't need to be hatefully to get readers.

No wonder you subscriptions are down more the 37% this year, following the pathetic path of the Gwaker click bait.

Well I still read the site after droping my sub, but you now are on the "garbage list" with the likes of macrumours, ares tecnica, ect.

This is a non story that was turned into "bait" .

You may not care to lose another reader or sub, but in time you will when it hits your bottom line, or perhapse it has with the junk spin stench you have with all your penned vomit.

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