10 Reasons Microsoft's Mac vs. PC is Wrong



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C'mon guys. Both companies make fine products and serve different markets. I switched to Macs 25 years ago and have never looked back. I proselytize for Macs all the time, and just bought my 85 year old mother a new MacBook Pro to replace her Windex kludge. But the Mac vs Microsoft 'wars' are nonsense, except for the fact that we consumers benefit. Let the wars continue!



...because that dress you're wearing looked much better on Apple. Either the higher ups in Microsoft have never used a Mac before or just won't admit to it. Any point above that refers to something being "easier" on a PC than it is a Mac is just plain wrong. Most users that switch from PC to Mac cannot stop talking about how much easier it is and how they will "NEVER" go back.



I have to admit I liked their comments about not coming with a Blue Ray Player. They are right. Mac's do not come with BlueRay however 1.) Most people watch movies on their laptops during flights or car rides etc. and 15inch does not really require HD viewing anyone. At least in my opinion I would not really benefit from HD on my laptop while traveling and 2.) Most of the HD movies i Buy from wal-mart, best buy etc come with a fee digital copy to load into my laptop sooooooo. I still get the viewing pleasure with a free copy with my purchase of a BlueRay Movie which means I don't have to carry around movies when i go on trips as they are on my Hard Drive.

I switched from Microsoft to Mac 2 years ago and I will never go back. My 2 year old macbook pro out performs most PC's that are fresh out of Best Buy and mine is 2 years old.



You know what surprises me is they brought up the whole Mac vs. PC debate again, and long after Apple ended it.

It's a shame because I'm sure they have some very bright people who work there that are probably as frustrated with the narrow business focus the company has. The whole "Design by Committee" thing doesn't work.



The PC vs Mac tabs make me laugh even more.

It's showtime. You can't get a Mac that ships with a...TV tuner...you can with PCs running Windows 7. - Not sure really what that has to do with Windows 7 and we have EyeTV but sure, valid point?

Direct TV connection. Most Macs can't hook up to your TV unless you buy a converter dongle. - Ok, again, valid point...but didn't we already covered it.

Loaded with features. You can't get a Mac with a...TV tuner...PCs running Windows 7 often come with features that aren't available on even the highest end Macs - Seriously, how many times are we going to cover a TV tuner? It's just a hardware dongle...we've got them too. What does Windows 7 have to offer?



I've got an HP plasma TV, and my Mac mini hooked right up to it - my TV has a DVI input, among others...



Your last comment is right on the mark. The reason that a page like this even exists today is because Microsoft is losing market share daily to Apple, and they know it. Using their own stats from their website of 10 to 1 PC ownership, why would you even need a page like this to tell people how wonderful you are vs. someone only taking 1 sale from every 10? Even acknowledging the competitor is more or less advertising for them by informing your users that there is an alternative they should be aware of.

Microsoft knows if employees had their choice of computer at work as they do at home that their market share would be significantly less as evident from things like the iPads now invading the workplace.

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