1Password 3.9 Arrives In Mac App Store, For Lion Users Only



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Hi guys ..

How safe its to use any app to store our important data online ( Credit Cards, email Passwords ... ).

Thanks ,,



Got already to finally purchase this app since it was half off. Clicked the button and it told me nope your computer isn't good enough.

What's the deal Agile? Your website still has the SL version for full price. So since I can't upgrade to Lion cause my system is just outside the upgrade window I have to pay full price!




They have to put the cutoff somewhere. The discount price is only for Mac App Store users. You cannot buy it through their site. It's not lame, it's just the way all apps that go through the App Store will work from now on. There have been PLENTY of chances to purchase this amazing app at an even greater discount though Mac App bundles over the last few years... MacUpdate, BundleHunt, etc. You missed out, so stop your whining and pay this awesome developer what he deserves for writing an awesome app.

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