24 Hours of iPad



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Mike James

Watching the UPS tracking, I became confused... (I live in Anchorage, Alaska.) It shipped from China, arrived in Anchorage on April 2nd, and I thought that was it. But noooooooo. Next thing I knew, it was off to Louisville, Kentucky, for an "Import Scan". What the?!... Not very "green", transportation-wise. But sure enough, it was shipped back to Anchorage and delivered at about 11am local time. Nice!

Love it! Fast, easy to set up, and barely gets warm enough (after using it for 6 hours) to even notice it's on... That was a surprise. I figured it would get hot, but it stays just barely above room temperature. (64 GB WiFi version) Everything works as advertised, including all my iPhone apps, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages, Sketchbook Pro (really a nice one!) and of course all the fun stuff. Video looks great, as do other images and text.

Current 3D work: http://www.mikejamesmedia.com



Does it look cool?



Rahm Kota

Eagerly awaiting Mr. UPS as well. Should be soon, I hope.



I'm still waiting as well, I have a lot to do today by default but I know if I miss that delivery that I will have to wait almost a damn week before I can go get it from UPS. So you know what I'm doing and that is sitting on my 27 inch i7 iMac reading what everyone else is saying about there toy!!! Man this sucks but at least I have you guy around to share my mental bleeding!!!



Hope it comes soon for you. I think I'm going to wait for the 3g before I pull the trigger but until then I'm insanely jealous!!

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