2 More Patents: Haptic Feedback and RFID Antenna



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Why does MacLife keeps reposting articles from high-traffic sites such MacRumors and AppleInsider instead creating more original content? I have all 3 on RSS feeds and invariably, MacRumors or AppleInsider will break a story and hours later MacLife reposts the same content.  I can understand if there is an article on a small website somewhere that MacLife brings attention too, but it seems like the majority of articles are just reposts of whatever MacRumors and AppleInsider write. If MacLife added some original analysis or added facts it would be forgivable,  but I am getting tired of the duplicate content. If I need economize my RSS feeds, MacLife will be the first to go.



I don't read those sites, and appreciate the most interesting and important news being summarized here.

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