4iThumbs Offers Up Solution For Those Still Having Trouble With The iPhone Keyboard



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I ordered both landscape and portrait 4ithumbs a month ago...order was never received. Guess what? The contact page on their website doesn't have a submit button. Am I missing something here? PayPal email contact gets returned to me. So now what? I was really looking forward to this product. I am no good at typing on an iPhone...iPhones are not for sissies...they take some getting used to when you were a die hard Blackberry user. Kind of wish I would have got the Droid now.

Anyway, don't order this product until you find a way to contact them if your order never shows up. Thought I would warn anyone thinking about it.



I have no trouble with typing but I do have trouble with games. Tactile feedback is something I always like in gaming and if I could have an overlay that worked for most iPhone games I could really see myself buying one.

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