5 Things Mac Gamers Need To Know About Quake Live



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Works fine with my MacBook (Pro) Unibody in the newest Safari, but not in Firefox though.

Sometimes it crashes in Safari, but usually only when you're in the game (primarily on full-screen) and change some game settings. Try to just change them without the game-window open, and do not press F3 to become "Ready" in new battles if you have Exposé turned onto that, messes it up.

Already enjoying the game though, waited for it for like a month. It's awesome and easy to learn!



I have a 2007 MacBook, 10.5.8, Safari 4.0.3. It works, but the framerate appears capped at 30, no matter what commands you enter into the console. I know for a fact I was able to run the original Q3A at a far better framerate. Seems like a lot of people on the forums are having this problem though.

name's neon_electro on there btw, would love to have some fellow Mac users add me as a friend!



I'm running a G5 running OS 10.5.7 with Safari 4.0.3. No go. The site forum suggests that the required plug-in is Intel-only, although I haven't found that officially on the site.  Has the author tried it on his own PPC yet?



I have a macbook- os 10.5.7 and could not run quake on firefox 3.0.6, I did get it to work on Safari, however.



Same here, with 10.4.11 (waiting on Snow Leopard to come out) Mac Mini Intel Solo 1.5.  It rejected Firefox 3.5.2 but seems to be loading okay in Safari 4.0.3.  What I thought was interesting was that the developers haven't changed their "incompatible" flash screen, stating that a Mac version was "under production" and was not available yet.  They simply haven't updated it yet.
Update: After installing the plugin, it crashes Safari repeatedly.  Tried again on my wife's MBP, and it failed Safari 4.0.3.  No Quake for me.

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