5 Things that Would-Be iPad Killers Got Wrong



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The Sony P Tablet may have gotten it wrong but I've always liked the idea of a folding tablet. Imagine two 7" iPads hinged together. When closed they are smaller than a 10" iPad and the screens are protected from damage. When open you get more working space than the 10" iPad. Use one side for the processor and all the circuitry and the other for the battery and you might have more battery life than the current iPad.

It's an idea that someone, possibly Apple, will get right one of these days and it'll be huge.



Isn't saying "ARM's got nothing on the A5X chip" a little like saying that ice cream's got nothing on gelato?

I realize that Apple doesn't need such high speed processors for the iPad, and that the iPad beats the graphics pants off the tegra, but last time I checked, Apple paid to license the ARM design, and build their own chip based off the ARM design.

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